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Molecular formula :

nature : aqueous solution or uranium (V) and uranium (VI) in a form, the structure of linear O-U-O, U-O between covalent bond. Very unstable, and only in low concentrations (about 0.001mol / L) and pH 2.0 to 2.5 within the scope of the acidic solution for the disproportionation U4 + and 2 + H + ?U4 + + +2 H2O. The ion solution was bright yellow, not only in aqueous solution, also in uranyl nitrate, uranium Salts and hexavalent uranium oxides. The majority of compounds yellow. Easy to form complexes, assigned to the median 4,5 and 6. Without the presence of strong complexing agents, pH> 2.5 occurred when hydrolysis. Hydrolysis and form complexes of capacity following order : U4 +>> U3 +>.

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More Detailed Data:
1) uranyl sulfate;uranium dioxide sulfate
2) uranyl oxalate
3) uranyl nitrate
4) uranyl acetate;bis(acetato)dioxouranium
5) uranyl nitrate
6) uranyl acetate
7) uranium oxychloride;uranyl chloride
8) uranyl chloride;dichlorodioxouranium
9) uranyl fluoride;difluorodioxouranium(VI);uranium oxyfluoride
10) uranyl phosphate
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