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Molecular formula :

nature : isocyanate itself can polymerization, aromatic isocyanate reaction by dimer formation dimer urea dione, the reversible reaction, dimer under high temperature decomposition, in the absence of catalyst under 2,4-TDI dimer 150 ° Cdecomposition, the 175 ° C to degrade completely. IPDI dimer can be used as a powder coating curing agent, decompose at high temperatures to make polyester, separate aliphatic isocyanates yet to be obtained dimer.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Isocyanate;Isocyanic acid
2) isocyanate
3) isocyanate
4) 1-isocyanatopropane;1-propyl isocyanate;isocyanic acid, propyl ester;n-pic;1-isocyanato-propan;propyl isocyanate
5) cyanic acid
6) Isocyanate
7) Isocyanate
8) cyanic acid
9) cyanic acid
10) cyanogens
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