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ethylene-butyl acrylate copolymer;EBA
Molecular formula :

nature : ethylene butyl acrylate and the random copolymer. N-butyl acrylate content of 5% ~ 30%, with the physical properties of n-butyl acrylate content of a different major differences. Density 0.921g/cm3, butyl acrylate content of 18%, melt index of 2 ~ 3:00, and the tensile strength 14.1MPa, elongation 750%, Shore hardness of 41, Vicat softening point of 62 ° C, tear strength, low-temperature toughness, and good optical properties. Ethylene and butyl acrylate as high temperature, high pressure free radical polymerization. For flexible packaging, frozen food packaging film, extrusion coating, medical hoses, such as adhesives.

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More Detailed Data:
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