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ethanol;alcohol;ethyl alcohol
Molecular formula : CH3CH2OH

nature : also known as alcohol. Flammable volatile transparent colorless liquid, the wine is irritating and pungent odor and taste. Ethanol -117.3 ° C melting point. Boiling Point 78.5 ° C 0.7893. 1.3611. Flash point (closed cup) 13 ° C Industrial ethanol (95.6%) -114 ° Csolidification point. Boiling Point 78.15 ° C 0.816. 1.3651. Viscosity (20 ° C) 1.41mPa s. A flash point of 12.8 ° C Spontaneous point 793 ° C With water, alcohols, ethers, miscible solvents such as chloroform, with the formation of water azeotrope with CaCl2 or MgCl2 Tongxinluo crystallization of the objects. Explosion limits ranged from 4.3% to 19.0% (volume). Ethanol is alcohol saturation of one yuan hull, but also at room temperature and the formation of formaldehyde Hemithioacetal, in the presence of acid catalyst generation acetal. Another can happen with sodium hypochlorite Haloform reaction. The ethanol industry, there are two method. First, fermentation, using a large number of starch-containing substances or sugar industry-product of molasses, through microbial saccharification and fermentation in ethanol. Two water is legitimate to ethylene as raw materials and water, through direct or indirect water system from legitimate Addition. Water is legitimate indirect sulfate absorption ethylene, hydrogen sulfate formation of ethyl, and hydrolysis of ethanol production. Water is a direct legitimate ethylene and water to acid catalyst in a certain amount of pressure and a temperature of the water in the system. As the ethanol and water to form Azeotrope, 95.6% of industrial ethanol for anhydrous ethanol can be used for benzene dehydrating agent, or through the lime-way to achieve the purpose of dehydration. Ethanol is a basic chemical raw materials, is widely used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other industries. Moreover, it was an important organic solvents. Sterilization, preservation, sterilization. Its germicidal effect from the dehydration, protein denaturation. In the area of medical fungicide, but also for equipment used in surface sterilization and food containers such as microbicides. Preparations for the various concentrations of ethanol solution. 70% ~ 75% ethanol solution stronger disinfection.

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1) Ethanol;Ethyl alcohol;Hydroxyethane;Alcohol
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5) ethyl alcohol;ethanol;spirit(of wine)
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