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plutonium monocarbide PuC
Molecular formula :

nature : most suitable for a fuel plutonium carbide. 13.58g/cm3 density. In 1650 ° Ccrystal color reaction occurred, and the formation of liquid metal carbide two three Pu2C3 plutonium. In air at 200 ~ 300 ° C slow oxidation, 400 ° Csevere burning. With water have hydrolysis. The neutron irradiation after hydrolysis warming has dropped dramatically. In 1100 ° C in a vacuum using graphite plutonium dioxide reduction or plutonium metal powder in 550 ° Cdirectly with graphite powder prepared by the reaction. High density for the proliferation of advanced reactor fuel available higher than the proliferation. A better thermal conductivity and can be used as high-heat-release fuel. There are a number of other plutonium carbide as Pu2C3, while in the goods in the most suitable for the breeder reactor fuel.

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