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lead acetate
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as lead-acid, lead sugar. Colorless transparent crystal, block or white crystalline powder. A locally-toxic. The relative density of 2.55, in 75 ° C lost three crystal water, as a white anhydrous lead acetate. 100 ° Cbegan produce acetic acid, and above 200 ° C to degrade completely. Dissolved in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. Home air by absorbing carbon dioxide and the surface of white lead carbonate formation. With acid, alkali and salt chemical reaction. For pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, paints and other industries as colorings, such as desiccant. In cosmetics for black hair milk raw materials.

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More Detailed Data:
1) lead acetate
2) lead acetate
3) Lead acetate (II), trihydrate;Lead acetate;Sugar of lead;Salt of saturn;Normal lead acet-ate;Neutral lead acetate;Acetic acid, lead(+2) salt trihydrate;Plumbous acetate
4) Acetic acid lead salt;Sugar of lead;acetic acid, lead salt;acetate de plomb;acetate de plomb (french);acetic acid, lead salt;acetic acid, lead salt;anhydrous lead acetate;bleiacetat;bleiacetat (german);caswell no 523a
5) Lead acetate
6) lead acetate;plumbous acetate;sugar of lead
7) lead acetate;plumbous acetate;sugar of lead
8) Acetic acid, lead salt;Lead tetraacetate;acetic acid, lead salt;lead acetate;tetra-lead acetat;plumbic acetate;leadtetraacetate;Lead tetraacetate;Acetic acid,lead salt
9) Lead sugar
10) Lead sugar
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