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halite;rock salt
Molecular formula : NaCl

nature : also known as rock salt, mineral salt. Sodium salt of the main ore mineral component one. Sodium 39.34%, 60.66% chlorine. Equiaxed crystal, the crystal is cubic, usually granular or massive clusters. Pure who was colorless and transparent or white, often containing impurities and circular, yellow, red, blue or black or brown, etc.. Luster Glass weathering convey oil sheen. 2 ~ 2.5 hardness, density 2.16g/cm3. Soluble in water, salty taste. Hygroscopicity and easy deliquescence. Often produced in the dry climate of inland basin, the lagoon and the Gulf sediments. Its hardness and shape, taste salty, Yi-rong in water characteristics for identification. Mainly used for the consumption of salt and food preservatives, as well as caustic soda, chlorine and hydrochloric acid and other raw materials, could also be used to extract metal sodium.

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