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accumulation of planetesimal
Molecular formula :

nature : Early planetary accretion Xingzi growth process. Two of the quality and m2 m1, and R2 R1 radius of the smallest objects Collision collision speed Ve = [2G (m2 m1 +) / (R1 + R2)] 1 / 2. The minimum rate is actually larger Xingzi the Escape velocity. When several Safronov, V is met before XINGZI relative speed collision there Accretion accumulation. Smaller Xingzi Xingzi larger collision, the former the latter was broken Accretion continuous accumulation, including the final formation of planets District flattening small, small angle and hundreds of thousands of hours of the rotation cycle-like planets. Giant planets, the first stone Accretion Xingzi nuclear planets formed. When the growth of planetary nuclear ten planet, its surrounding H, He gravitational collapse by the planets accumulated nuclear Accretion growth, and finally to complete its final radius. On Earth Craton region to find acceptable Xingzi accumulation Zhi relics.

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