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high efficiency minipacking
Molecular formula :

nature : Fill the equivalent size of the smaller, the higher the efficiency. Installation of a small efficient packing of packed tower is stable isotope separation process one of the important equipment. Finally concentration of the heavy water production and other light elements stable isotope production and almost all experimental study using packed tower and realizing the gas-liquid two-phase separation of isotopes. Common filler are small and efficient seven, which departed, the sea Pike, 1.30 spiral circle, rectangle, etc. four spiral circle packing more efficient. Many different types of fillers, from the great changes in the nature of materials, engineering parameters vary, the tower design has not yet accurate theoretical formula funding application.

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More Detailed Data:
1) filler;extender;packing
2) packing
3) tower packing
4) column packing;column filling
5) filler;extender
6) stuffing seal;packing
7) packing
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