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cupric nitrate
Molecular Formula : Cu (NO3) 2 ?3H2O
b _ nature : blue crystal. 2.32g/cm3 density. 114.5 ° C melting point. Soluble in hot water, liquid ammonia. Dissolved in water, ethanol. Insoluble ethyl acetate. Its acidic aqueous solution. The ammonia dissolved in concentrated nitric acid from two four ammonia copper complex salt, heating this complex salt that the explosion. Heating to 170 ° Coff nitroglycerin. With toner, sulfur or other flammable substances were heat, friction or impact can cause a fire and explosion. An strong oxidants. Yi deliquescence. Toxic! By dilute nitric acid and copper litter reaction, diluted with water reaction solution through a filter, using nitrate acidification filtrate after decompression evaporation, cooling and crystallization, solid-liquid separation, drying could. Manufacturing is more pure copper oxide copper and other raw materials. Can also be used for copper, fabric dyeing, medicine also used for dyeing of Mordant and oxidizer, enamel coloring agents, fungicides, wood preservatives herbicide, and the manufacture paint, pyrotechnics catalyst. High-purity materials used oxidants, Phosphor resistance activator and photosensitive materials. Also used in the production and Copper Tube.

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