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Molecular formula :

nature : a formula for RNO2 category of compounds, R-alkyl-fat or arene-called, aliphatic or aromatic nitro compounds nitro compounds. According nitro is divided into the number one yuan, binary and multi-nitro compounds. Nitro compounds toxic. Nitro compounds are more explosive. Aliphatic nitro compounds colorless or slightly yellow liquid with reductant Reduction in primary amine. General industrial paraffin heat from denitrification system, but for various products of nitro compounds in the mixture. For solvent. Aromatic Nitro Compounds to pale yellow liquid or solid, reductant and different media, when the reduction of various products, they will continue to reduction of the final product when aromatic primary amine. General Aromatics by direct admission denitrification system. For medicine, dyes, spices, explosives and other industrial chemicals and organic synthesis reagents.

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More Detailed Data:
1) nitro-compound
2) nitroso-compound
3) compound
4) cage polynitrocompound
5) N-nitrosocompounds
6) chemical compound
7) nitro group
8) nitro-group;nitryl
9) aliphatic nitrocompound explosive
10) aromatic nitrocompound explosive
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