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polymeric mistura
Molecular formula :

nature : A polymer and polymer B if the incompatibility of two may join the block or graft copolymer (A-B), group A and B sub-compatible, which block or graft - (A-B ) as a compatibilizer. Compatibility agent can be A-B component of the graft or block copolymer, and can also be C-D component, when asked pro-C and A and D and B affinity. Compatibilizer principle is the role : Compatibilizer distributed in the two groups A and B between the hours of, compatibility agent of the A and A warmth and inserted A component; B and B components and connections, into the central component B, on the A, B, the two-phase bonding increases.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Compatibilizer
2) macromolecule;polymer
3) polymer
4) polymer;macromolecular compound
5) polymer
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