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phase angle
Molecular formula :

nature : As the same time flexible polymer and viscous, thus alternating the role of stress, because of its molecular chain of the movement by friction within the role, behind the stress deformation changes, a backward angular frequency δ called phase difference, or phase angle. Phase angle, the greater note of the chain campaign more difficult, the more outside unable to keep up with the changes. General rigid elements of the phase angle of small, flexible elements Kok large. Phase angle with the size of the external conditions, forcing low frequency, the chain of campaign time, the phase angle on small; Forcing high frequency, chain of fundamental campaign too late, phase angle are small; Only by forcing frequency is not too high, can movement of the chain, but lags behind, to demonstrate leaving a larger phase angle. Temperature has a similar effect. Thus, the changes in the use of phase angle measurement, characterization of the polymer chain flexibility and forcing the conditions and the relationship between molecular structure.

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