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Molecular formula :

nature : a class structure or formula for RCONHNHRl RSO2NHNHRl compounds, which are collectively referred to as hydrazine, the latter sulfonyl hydrazine (sulfonyl - hydrazide). Type, R fat or alkyl aromatics, and the R1 for hydrogen, alkyl resin, aromatic, and the acyl so. If subtituted CH3CONHNH2, benzene sulfonyl hydrazine C6H5SO2NHNH2, N, N'- bis subtituted CH3CONHNHCOCH3 so. Usually acid, carboxylic acid esters, acyl halides, anhydride, halogen p respectively with hydrazine or alkyl replace hydrazine reaction from the system. Reagents for Organic Synthesis, some used as drugs (such as isoniazid).

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More Detailed Data:
1) Hydrazide
2) 2',3-Bis[[3-[3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl]propionyl]]propionohydrazide;Antioxidant 1024;hydrazide
3) acethydrazide;acetic acid, hydrazide;acetyl hydrazide;ethanehydrazonic acid;hydrazid kyseliny octove;acetyl-hydrazin;monoacetylhydrazine
4) acethydrazide;Monoacetyl hydrazine
5) Acethydrazide;Acetic acid, hydrazide;Acetic hydrazide;Acetohydrazide;Acetyl hydrazide;Monoacetyl hydrazine;N-Acetyldiamine
6) benzhydrazide
7) acethydrazide
8) 1,3-diaminourea;Carbohydrazide;Carbonic dihydrazide
9) Acetic Hydrazide;Hydrazide acetic acid;Acethydrazidc
10) Formic hydrazide
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