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Molecular formula :

nature : organic nature can survive the smallest independent life, and is the biological structure and function of a basic unit. Cells from protoplasts (protoplasm) et's. Protoplasts of different chemical composition, polymerization into a variety of different structures, can be summarized in three basic patterns. The first one was granulated, such as mitochondria, ribosomes, etc.. The second was linear, such as cells of microfilaments and microtubules of the original fiber, mRNA and nucleolus of rRNA. Film was third, biofilm cells is an important structure. Plant cells in the membrane beyond the thick layer of the cell wall. Cell morphology is the ever-changing variety. Normal cells have a fixed form, but amorphous cells. Different types of cell size disparities. The egg diameter of about 100 µ m, a diameter of plant cells was about 50 µ m, animal cell diameter of about 10 µ m, bacterial cell diameter of 3 to 4 µ m, a diameter of only 0.1 Mycoplasma μ m.

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