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carbon-fiber protective suit
Molecular formula :

nature : carbon fiber made from the new-style protective breathable clothing. Manufacturing methods is to : activated carbon powder and viscose fiber materials (pulp) mixed into pumping carbon fiber, woven into fabric, making clothing. There is a way : thin, but also has the porous hollow fiber, filled with activated carbon particles, reuse this fiber woven into fabric, making clothing, protective clothing with a high rate of adsorption and permeability big advantages.

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More Detailed Data:
1) chemical protective clothing;chemical protective suit
2) carbon fiber
3) Carbon fibre
4) carbon fibre
5) Carbon;Activated carbon;acticarbone;activated charcoal;adsorbit;ag 3 (adsorbent);ag 5;ag 5 (adsorbent);ak (adsorbent);amoco px 21;anthrasorb
6) carbon
7) Carbon
8) fibre;fiber
9) fibre;fiber
10) carbon
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