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C5 fraction
Molecular formula :

nature : mainly referring to the oil ethylene cracking process-product containing five carbon atoms in the hydrocarbon mixtures. A naphtha cracker ethylene, the EPA Deputy middle distillates (ethylene capacity of about 15%) of alkanes with less high-olefin content, isoprene, cyclopentadiene each around 15%, pentadiene about 10%. C5 distillate oil can be directly resin system, widely used in adhesives, coatings, printing inks, paper, glue and so on, use of extractive distillation Separation of isoprene, cyclopentadiene, pentadiene, isoamylene is pentene, widely used in preparation of synthetic rubber, paint and other petrochemical products, and fine chemical products. C5 fraction may be used as a fuel and producing carbon black raw materials.

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More Detailed Data:
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