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carbon microballoon reinforcement
Molecular formula :

nature : Asphalt directly or through modified hot melt blowing spray into the water or into small balls. Asphalt Modifier mixed and dispersed into the hollow carbon microspheres diameter of 40 ~ 400 µ m. With carbon microspheres since Sintering fillers may increase the direct firing isotropic carbon balls. Easy and resin composite function as a conductive composite material. In addition, if the sulfur compounds into carbon microspheres mesophase layer could mesophase carbon microspheres resistance dropped to 10-2 ohm cm. Hollow carbon / graphite microspheres, the general size of 5 ~ 150 µ m, 12 µ m thickness, density 0.2 ~ 0.22g/cm3. Widely used in the resin filler and reinforcement.

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