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uranyl carbonate
Molecular formula : UO2CO3 xH2O (x = 0,1,2.5) b _CAS :

nature : saturation of the uranyl nitrate solution and carbon dioxide at 120 ° C pressor response can be obtained anhydrous uranyl carbonate; if 30% of the uranyl nitrate solution similar reaction, in a hydrate. 500 ° C, uranyl carbonate is stable; 500 ° C for three decomposition of uranium oxide and carbon dioxide, generated by three of uranium oxide for conversion into uranium oxide 8; Only uranyl carbonate - water soluble, can be acid decomposition, soluble alkali metal carbonate solution and ammonium carbonate solution. The system has a lot of uranium carbonate complex, which CO32- UO22 + with a ratio of wit, l : 2. 5 and 1:3, the uranium process is the most important of 1:3 complex.

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