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Molecular formula :

nature : CO32- carbonate ions and metal ions of the salt. It poses many minerals. Limestone and dolomite is the main ingredients. M2CO3 a normal salt and acid salt MHCO3 two. Most colorless. Alkali metals and ammonium carbonate soluble in water, heating decomposition, the decomposition temperature varies with the cation. Widely used in the chemical industry, glass, soap, paper, food and construction fields.

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More Detailed Data:
1) carbonate
2) acid carbonate;bicarbonate
3) Guanidine carbonate;bisguanidinium carbonate;diguanidinium carbonate;guanidinium carbonate;Iminourea carbonate;Carbonic acid,compd. with guanidine;Guanidonium-carbonat;Carbonic acid,compd. with guanidine
4) Guanidine carbonate;Iminourea carbonate
5) basic carbonate
6) carbonate scale
7) Aminoguanidine carbonate;Hydrazinecarboximidamide carbonate;Guanylhydrazone carbonate;Carbamimidic hydrazide carbonate
8) Phenylguanidine carbonate
9) Cyclohexylamine carbonate
10) basic carbonate(s)
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