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carbon labeled organic compound
Molecular formula :

nature : carbon many varieties labeled organic compounds, commonly used to 13CO2 more as a starting point and Bal3CO3 synthesis. 13CO2 with H2 300 ~ 350 ° C Ni catalyst reaction 13CH4. Bal3CO3 generation and heating Bal3C2 Ba with the reactions of 13C2H2. LiBH4 reduction 13CO system H13COOH so.

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More Detailed Data:
1) compound
2) organic compound(s)
3) chemical compound
4) Carbon;Activated carbon;acticarbone;activated charcoal;adsorbit;ag 3 (adsorbent);ag 5;ag 5 (adsorbent);ak (adsorbent);amoco px 21;anthrasorb
5) carbon
6) Carbon
7) label
8) Activated carbon;Activated charcoal;Carbon
9) carbon
10) chemical combination
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