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Carl-Still coke oven
Molecular formula :

nature : German Karl-Steele designed the coke oven. Its structure is characterized by two fractional Flue Gas along to the high number of combustion, heat storage rooms along long to separate compartments. Two fractional legislature can fire air separation wall to vary the size of the smallest, but the level set flue structural strength is poor, and resistance to the flow of gas large. Air and depleted gas in separate compartments regenerative preheating Room, after a fire wall legislature among the six-crossing points into the legislature fire at different altitudes combustion, that is, of burning, charring room to achieve to high heating uniformity. Enter Flue gas each respective volume of gas exports to the size of a decision. Regenerator along long to separate compartments, in a separate furnace in the legislation regulating access to fire the air and depleted gas volume.

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1) coke oven
2) coke oven
3) kiln;furnace;oven
4) coke
5) coke
6) coke
7) coke
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