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Molecular formula :

nature : a powdered water lapping the rigid cementitious material. To add appropriate amount of water, as plastic slurry, both in the air hardening, but also in the water sclerosis, and will make sand, stone and other materials firmly cemented together. Many of its type, by components can be divided into portland cement, aluminate cement, cement sulfate, phosphate, cement, sulphoaluminate cement, iron-aluminate cement, fluoroaluminate cement; According to the chemical composition of calcium can be divided into cement, cement strontium, barium cement; By nature can be divided into low-heat cement , expansive cement, cement acid, rapid hardening cement, sulfate resisting cement, refractory cement. According to the nature and purpose, can be divided into two categories : (a) general-purpose cement. There ordinary portland cement, slag cement, Portland pozzolana cement, fly ash quality Portland cement sector. (2) Special use cement, such as high-strength cement faster hardware, hydraulic cement, expansive cement, oil well cement, since stress cement, refractory cement. Components can also be divided into portland cement, aluminate cement, sulphoaluminate cement, cement fluoroaluminate. Made of cement mortar or concrete, solid durability is an important building materials and engineering materials, widely used in construction, irrigation, roads, national defense and other projects.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Cement
2) bone cement
3) densified systems containing homogeneous arranged ultrafine particle;DSP cement
4) sulfur cement
5) barium silicate cement
6) masonry cement
7) masonry cement
8) cement kiln
9) strontium silicate cement
10) Oil well cement
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