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chiral biphenyl compound
Molecular formula :

nature : biphenyl the two o-ring were different substituents replaced, but their size is sufficiently large to prevent the benzene ring around one button, two free rotation, so that the two can not ring at the same level. Such lack of symmetry biphenyl derivatives, as chiral compounds axis can be broken down into a pair of optically pure enantiomers, as resistance to isomers (atropisomer). General above the C-and a C-b bond length (or benzene and carbon atom substituents distance between the center) is greater than 0.29nm, they can stop the two on the benzene ring around which a single-button free rotation. Common C benzene -X bond length (or center distance) C-X bond length or distance / nmC-X bond length or distance / nmC - H0. 094C-I0.200C-CH30.150C-OH0.145C-COOH0.156C-OCH30.145C-F0.139C-NH20.156C-Cl0.169C-NO20.192C -Br0.188C-OCH30.145

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More Detailed Data:
1) compound
2) chemical compound
3) chirality;chiral
4) diphenyl;biphenyl
5) Diphenyl;Biphenyl
6) Diphenyl;Biphenyl;Bibenzene;Phenylbenzene;Xenene;Phenador-x
7) biphenyl;bilenzene
8) biphenyl;diphenyl
9) Diphenyl;1,1'-Biphenyl;1,1'-Diphenyl;Phenylbenzene;Biphenyl
10) Biphenyl;1,1'-Biphenyl;Diphenyl;1,1'-diphenyl;bibenzene;carolid al
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