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nature : also known as the biological conversion. Through biological particular microbial cells in response to specific enzymatic complex structure of the organic chemical modification, creating a high biological value of a drug category biochemical reaction. Bioconversion of the substrate is not microbial nutrients, its biological function is still unknown. A typical example of Steroids hydroxylation, epoxy and dehydrogenation reaction. Chemical conversion than it has unmatched advantages, such as reducing synthetic steps to simplify production equipment, shorten the growth cycle (such as synthetic progesterone used cortisone from the 30 chemical steps I read three-step), to improve the yield and reduce side effects and improve operating conditions and to avoid the use of strong acid, strong alkali and toxic materials, the production of biochemical medicine has broad prospects. Have been applied to a variety of steroidal drugs are biological, in the CDCA into ursodeoxycholic acid research also has application prospects.

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