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ammonium uranyl tricarbonate
Molecular formula : (NH4) 3 [UO2 (CO3) 3]

nature : yellow fruit with monoclinic crystal structure. 2.77g/cm3 density. Water-soluble, as ammonium carbonate solution concentration increased its solubility be significantly reduced precipitation and crystal. Uranyl hydroxide, ammonium be dissolved and the uranyl carbonate and ammonium salt and ammonium bicarbonate solution, can be obtained three ammonium uranyl carbonate. Three heating ammonium uranyl carbonate aqueous solution to 100 ° C, which is rapidly decomposed uranyl carbonate. Three solid ammonium uranyl carbonate in 300 ~ 500 ° C in air thermal decomposition can be obtained three of uranium oxide; In 700 ~ 800 ° C inert atmosphere thermal decomposition reduction can be directly uranium dioxide.

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