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emulsion polymerization
Molecular formula :

nature : the role of emulsifiers, mechanical mixing, dispersion monomer in water or aqueous medium to form a stable emulsion for the polymerization reaction. Water-soluble used the redox system is triggered polymer production one of the important ways. The composition of emulsion polymerization system more complex, the most simple composition of the monomer, water, water-soluble initiator and emulsifier four components. The polymer latex particles or particles, the diameter is about 0.05 µ m ~ 0.2. Its advantage is easier to heat, polymerization rate faster, high molecular weight polymer, production safety, little pollution. If the deficiency is not to use the emulsion polymerization required by the pool after, washing, drying after processing, but still contains a small amount of impurities such as emulsifiers and the impact of product performance. Widely used in PVC, neoprene, and the production of styrene-butadiene rubber. A stable latex can be used directly, such as water emulsion paint, wood glue, leather, paper, fabric treatment agent and foam rubber latex.

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