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varnish;clear coating
Molecular formula :

nature : commonly known as varnish. Excluding a coloring material coating. The major components of resins or resin and solvent, oil and solvents. Smear object's surface, forming a protective, decorative and special properties of the coating, the coating of varnish is transparent. Varnish varnish into thermosetting and thermoplastic two types of varnish. For furniture, floors, windows and automotive paint. May also join Enamel paint manufactured or produced by adding dye colored varnish.

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More Detailed Data:
1) clear coating
2) Varnish
3) varnish
4) asphalt varnish;bituminous varnish
5) shellac varnish
6) shellac varnish;lac varnish
7) overcoat varnish
8) phenolic varnish
9) epoxy resin varnish
10) limed rosin varnish
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