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foamed plastics;plastic foam
Molecular formula :

nature : substrate is made from resin with numerous internal microporous plastic, also known as porous plastic. Using different methods of foam and resin can be made of foam of varying properties. According to the type of cell structure can be divided into obturator, and perforated mesh foam; By can be divided into low-density foam, foam and high foaming foams; By Flexibility can be divided into soft, semi-rigid and rigid foam; According to the types of plastic foam can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting foam. By substrate can be divided into different types of foam. With low-density, high strength, thermal insulation, acoustic, Earthquake advantages. Foam foam methods can be divided into three types. 1. Foam Physics : (1) of the inert gas under pressure melt it soluble polymer complexes or paste, then released by the decompression dissolved gases and foam; (2) The use of low boiling liquid evaporation gasification and foaming; (3) the inclusion of plastic microspheres Kong after solid which of foam. 2. Chemical foam : (1) The use of foam, heated to decomposition and produce gas foaming; (2) The use of the interaction between components of raw materials emit gases and foam. 3. Mechanical foam : mechanical mixing, mixed with air and foam. As the foam with many excellent physical properties, application of the very wide range of materials used in insulation, insulation materials, high-intensity light dissection materials, insulation materials, for the life preserver, buoys and warm clothing.

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More Detailed Data:
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