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Molecular formula :

nature : 1) adhesive adhesive. (2) TLC binder where the stationary phase adhesion or vector containing the additive board. TLC general use silicone-containing 5% to 15% of the gypsum as a binder. (3) bondingagent called adhesion promoter. Referring to the promotion of rubber and reinforcing materials (rayon, nylon, polyester, aramid and steel, etc.) bonding material. Rubber industry there is a common binder A white system and cobalt salt system two categories.

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More Detailed Data:
1) adhesive
2) mixture;mist (ure)
3) tissue adhesive
4) screen printing binder
5) fluorescent binder
6) enamel adhesive
7) Dong Feng Binder
8) HT Binder
9) Binder W;Acramoll W
10) binder fiber
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