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Molecular formula : M2IMoO4 or MIIMoO4

nature : (MI for a price of metals, MII price for the two metals ) such salt hydrates to form. Molybdate, ammonium and alkali metals, magnesium and thallium salt dissolve in water, others do not dissolve in water. In aqueous solution, molybdate be reverted. Metal oxides of molybdenum oxide and melting, or molybdenum trioxide and water-into-Muddy, with salts reaction can be such is molybdate. In addition to such hydrochloride for the petroleum and chemical catalysts, the lead molybdate orange pigment can be. For paint, ink and plastics industries, Mo Mo calcium and zinc for corrosion resistance can paint and fire agents. Molybdate for corrosion resistance and plant growth of micro fertilizer.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) molybdate
2) C.I. Basic violet 1;c.i. basic violet 1, molybdatephosphate
3) zinc molybdate
4) Iron molybdate;iron molybdenum oxide
5) Molybdenum zinc oxide;molybdenum zinc oxide;zinc molybdate
6) C.I.42535:4;Silicomolybdate;c.i. basic violet 1, molybdatesilicate;ci pigment violet 3(methyl violet molybdate toner)
7) nickel molybdate
8) Sodium molybdate
9) Sodium molybdate
10) barium molybdate
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