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barium molybdate
Molecular formula : BaMoO4

nature : white or light green powder. 4.65 g/cm3 density. 1480 ° C melting point. Micro-soluble acid, almost insoluble in cold water. The metal is a good adhesion properties. Toxic! By oxidation of molybdenum roasting by using caustic leaching been molybdate solution with a solution of barium chloride, centrifugal separation, washing, drying in the system. Ceramic products for the adhesive agent used to remove the sulfur naphtha.

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More Detailed Data:
1) barium molybdate
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3) Barium molybdate;Barium tetraoxomolybdate
4) barium molybdate
5) Barium tetraoxomolybdate
6) barium
7) barium
8) Barium;bario (spanish);baryum (french)
9) molybdate
10) molybdate
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