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sodium-1-aminonaphthalene-4-sulfonate;sodium naphthionate
Molecular formula :

nature : with four crystal water. Soluble in water, a blue fluorescent solution. Traditional methods of production of alpha-naphthylamine and concentrated sulfuric acid salt, and then 180 ~ 190 ° C baking dehydration, simultaneous molecular rearrangement within and prepared. The new method is based on dichloroethane as solvent, in Autoclave reaction from regular solvents and water in the system. Acid used for the production of dyes and direct dye intermediates. The system can also be used to take 1-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid.

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More Detailed Data:
1) .alpha.-Naphthylamine;1-Naphthalenamine;.alpha.-Aminonaphthalene;1-naphthylamine;1-aminonaftalen;1-aminonaftalen (czech);1-aminonaphthalene
2) Direct scarlet 4B;C.I. Direct red 28;atlantic congo red;atul congo red;azocard red congo;benzo congo red;brasilamina congo 4b;congo red;congo red 4b
3) Direct red C.R.Y.;C.T.NO,22120;Sodi-um diphenyl-bis-(azo-naphthionate)
4) sodium Na
5) Azoic diazo component 114;Fast garnet B base;Naphthalidam;Naphthalidine;a-Naphthylamine;1-Aminonaphthalene
6) Naphthalene
7) naphthalene;tar camphor
8) naphthalene
9) Congo Red
10) Naphthalene;Naphthene;Tarcamphor;Naphthalene ball
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