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Molecular formula :

nature : general transportation liquid machines. General Motors used the original motive or other driver and was taken to the liquid (inhaled or on different machines) its machines, it is in a certain way the original motive or other forms of energy transfer to the liquid was sent, and will increase its energy into the pressure will increase and was taken to increase the pressure of liquid, pressure from the environment than the pressure, which extracted and discharged from the same time or another after the partial liquid entered his body, and so the cycle, namely, transmission fluid or produce high-pressure hydraulic fluid for use. According use, manufacture, energy transmission, transmission fluid nature, location and role of space rationale pump are various classifications.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) pump
2) heat pump
3) heat pump
4) sand pump
5) heat pump
6) sand pump
7) oxygen pump
8) calcium pump
9) titanium pump
10) Nash pump
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1) Effort reducing system for actuation of clutch pedal for motor vehicles
2) Continuously variable transmission unit
3) Flat illumination device
4) Corner windbox overfire air compartment for a fossi fuel-fried furnace
5) Radiant burner screen
6) Solderless ceramic igniter having a leadframe attachment
7) Self-cooling or self-heating food or beverage container having heat exchange unit with external protective coating
8) Adaptive hot gas bypass control for centrifugal chillers
9) Freezer cabinet with cold accumulators
10) Firearm