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Molecular formula :

nature : for the comparative analysis, composition can determine an accurate measurement of pure substances. General metal, oxides, such as nitrates, inorganic acid-soluble, stable, accurate weighing) 7 spectrum pure reagents. There are two kinds of liquid and solid form.

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More Detailed Data:
1) mixed standard
2) analysis standard
3) standard tape;reference tape
4) standard gold
5) standard sieve
6) wavelength standard
7) isotope standard
8) standard rim
9) environmental standard
10) standard cell
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1) Feeding method for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon oil
2) Catalytic cracking catalyst containing super-stable Y zeolite and its preparing process
3) Process for preparing super-stable Y zeolite containing rare-earth elements
4) Catalytic process for modifying poor-quality diesel oil
5) Catalytic process for modifying light petroleum hydrocarbon
6) Hydrogenation processing catalyst particle
7) Aromatizing catalyst for light hydrocarbon and its preparing process
8) Two-stage catalytic cracking process for hydrocarbon oil
9) Processing of gas stream containing hydrogen sulphide
10) Process for preparing coke-water slurry to generate gas