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ultra high molecular weight polyethylene;UHMWPE
Molecular formula :

nature : molecular weight 100 to 600 million polyethylene. 0.964g/cm3 density of ~ 0.936. Heat distortion temperature (0.46MPa) 85 ° C, the melting point of 136 ° C to 130. Mechanical properties are higher than that of high-density polyethylene. The prominence of the impact resistance, resistance to stress cracking, high temperatures creep, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, excellent chemical resistance corrosion, fatigue, noise damping, nuclear radiation-resistant and so on. The use of temperature to 110 ° C 100. Coldness and the -269 ° Cuse. 0.935g/cm3 density, molecular weight 2 million product, 40MPa fracture tensile strength, elongation of 350%, bending elastic modulus of 600MPa, notched impact Chong beam continuously. Wear (MPC) 20mm. Ziegler catalyst in the presence of, or vinyl ethylene and alpha-olefin polymerization. The scope and application of polyamide, similar to Teflon, wear resistance than carbon steel, so the gears, bearings, bearing the Star Ferry, valves, pumps, rail, packing, equipment lining, change sliding boards, artificial joints, fiber for bullet-proof vests and ropes.

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More Detailed Data:
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