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cell;electric cell;electrochemical cell
Molecular formula :

nature : (1) Electrochemical Reactor its tributaries. It consists of two electrodes and the electrolyte which constitute. When the current through the cell, the metal electrode / electrolyte interface, there is bound to the electronic exchange, to form the electrode reaction, thereby creating the electrochemical effect. When the battery to make chemical energy into electricity, or through electricity-producing chemical reaction occur when batteries or spontaneous original battery, the chemical industry, said power supply; Conversely, when the battery power so into chemical energy, or chemical reaction currents occur when electrolytic cells, known as cell industry. This is the role of the two batteries, the same basic principles, the current direction is the opposite. (2) regular habit of turning individual (groups) of the chemical power supply (such as batteries, dry batteries, etc.) as batteries. (3) photoelectric conversion of the physical power or devices, such as solar batteries.

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More Detailed Data:
1) cell;electric cell;electrochemical cell
2) cell;electric cell;electrochemical cell
3) cell;electric cell;electrochemical cell
4) electrochemical cell
5) cell
6) cell
7) electrochemical power sources
8) photoelectric cell
9) photoelectric cell;photocell
10) chemical cell
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