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inert gas
Molecular formula :

nature : usually refers to those relatively stable nature, and other material not easily react gases, such as helium, neon, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen. In the pharmaceutical industry, the oxygen-sensitive drugs in the manufacturing process, often with air or oxygen dissolved in the solution of oxygen oxidative contact metamorphism. To overcome the general approach is the use of high-purity, inert gas N2, CO2 Solution to replace containers and the air. General production of high purity inert gas processed, which leads to the distribution of liquid for injection of water or good preparation Solution convinces saturated, which dispels the dissolved oxygen. The Solution-filled bottles immediately after the inert gas-to-liquid replacement space on the oxygen again sealed. N2 CO2 and gas are the main characteristics of N2 in acid and alkaline solutions are practical; While CO2 due to the water acidic, it is also easy with some salt carbonate formation and preparation done at the expense of quality.

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