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aromatic nitrocompound explosive
Molecular formula :

nature : aromatic compounds molecular carbon-nitro-explosives, usually regarded as the mother of aromatic molecules of hydrogen atoms is replaced by nitro derivatives generated. Stability, and less sense, moderate energy, raw materials sources, the convenience and low cost, the amount is the largest and most extensive use of a single type of quality explosives. According to the numerator the number of nitro, can be divided into a nitro compounds, two more nitro compounds and nitro compounds, but not a nitro compounds explosive; According to the mother ring structure can be divided into single-Central, Central and more crowded Central nitro compounds; According to the mother Central atoms can be divided into carbon and heterocyclic ring nitration adducts. Important such a TNT explosives, TATB, TATB, six nitro STILBENE, 2,6 - bis (2,4,6-trinitroanilino) -3,5 - nitropyridine two and four dibenzo - nitro-1 ,3 α, α 4,6-E tetraazamacrocyclic take ene (Takete). General users sulfonitric acid or other aromatics denitrification agent denitrification system is, it can be replaced, oxidation, amino NOx rearrangement Preparation methods. Widely used in military and civilian blasting.

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More Detailed Data:
1) single compound explosive;explosive compound
2) explosive
3) explosive
4) compound
5) nitrocompounds
6) nitro-compound
7) chemical compound
8) nitro-group;nitryl
9) chemical combination
10) nitro group
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