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nature : a photographic chemicals category itself is a weak reducing agent, added to the photographic emulsion or the developer had to rely on their own to prevent oxidation and other chemical oxidation. Emulsion use more anti-oxidants for hydroxy phenol, naphthalene and phenol - benzene sulfonate. Sodium such as benzene extended the life expectancy of photosensitive materials, catechol protect Spectral flu is not oxidation agent. Developering used by the anti-oxidants for more sulfite, salicylic acid and hydroxylamine type derivatives, such as sodium sulfide, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, such as ascorbic acid.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) antioxidant
2) antioxidant
3) antiager;antioxidant
4) antioxidant
5) oxidant
6) oxidizing agent;oxidizer
7) AntioxidantA
8) AntioxidantD
9) antioxidante;antioxidation-antigelling agent
10) food antioxidant
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