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stem cell
Molecular formula :

nature : for cell differentiation of cells added. Animals exist in the various organizations. Tissues of the characteristics of stem cells, the cells were split in a generation of daughter cells, at least one cell and the nature of the same cells (capable themselves again breeding), and the individual's entire life has been during this nature. With cell differentiation and cell differentiation of the end of duality. The existence of stem cells of various tissues and organs are very important. Adult metabolic or organization suffered injury, the new differentiated cells are to be added. Add in the cell process, the stem cells and terminal differentiation of cells in the process of reserve cells, called precursor cells. Different organizations of precursor cells with a certain number of divisions and differentiation of specific cell, which is a relatively short life span of cells. The stem cells to divide and maintain an unlimited halfway split of this nature, the biological source of great interest. If stem cell gene damage, the body will have a major impact on organizations. If blood cells, erythropoietin (rhTPO) proliferation of a variety of factors, such as the role and found with multiple splenic differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into red blood cells, lymphocytes, macrophages and other cells.

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