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Molecular formula :

nature : energy transfer in a form. The most common such as mechanical work and electrical work. In thermodynamics, in addition to heat transfer in the form of energy, the other was the energy transfer calls acting, often symbols W said. The physical and chemical frequently encountered with the size of reactive power, electric power and reactive surface. Gong is not the nature of thermodynamic system, the system that the amount of power is meaningless. Gong is a dimensionless ML2T-2, the unit is Coke (ears), the symbol for J. In thermodynamics, W for the Environment to the system at all (some of the earlier information to the contrary) provisions, if W negative, it indicates that the system is a reactive environment. System environment or the kung and the process always state on the other, and yet the process of going through the pathway.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
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