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chemical industry
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nature : the production of chemical products industries. It is a multi-industry, multi-species, the sector of the national economy and people's lives all services industries. The general can be divided into inorganic chemical industry, basic organic chemical industry, the chemical industry and Polymer Fine Chemical Industry. Inorganic chemical industry mainly acid, alkali and salt, fertilizer, rare element, electrochemical industries; Basic organic chemicals industries mainly oil, gas, coal and other raw materials production base for a variety of organic materials industries. Polymer chemistry major industries, including plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, coatings, adhesives and other industries. Fine Chemical Industry refers to the production of fine chemicals industries (see Fine Chemicals). Some of the industrial sector, its production process is in the nature of the chemical industry types, but because of its importance in the chemical industry in the development process has been set aside to become independent industries, such as metallurgy, oil, Portland, paper, leather, sugar refining, brewing, such as salt. In China, the chemical industry also includes chemical ore mining.

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