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Molecular formula :

nature : from two or more elements of the material atoms. Have certain characteristics, often have a certain component. For example, water is compounds, liquid under normal temperature, the boiling point of 100 ° C; , The freezing point 0 ° C, hydrogen, oxygen composed of two elements. A water molecules H2O from two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom form. The mixture of compounds with the main difference is : (a) compounds of elements not only to maintain the quality of state property; (2) compounds of elements necessary to use chemical methods before separation; (3 tablespoons compounds are usually composed of a constant.

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More Detailed Data:
1) chemical compound
2) azo compound
3) lead compound
4) leuco;leuco-compound;leucobase
5) nitro-compound
6) ionic compound
7) diazo compound
8) phosphonium compound
9) binary compound
10) signal compound
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4) Method for prevention and treatment of mastitis
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6) Oral pharmaceutical preparation containing ibandronat
7) Hydroxy-phosphinyl derivatives useful as Naaladase inhibitors
8) Fase-dissolving galanthamine hydrobromide tablet
9) Use of green porphyrins in manufacture of medicament in treatment of atherosclerosis without purposeful irradiation of porphyrin derivatives
10) Biconvex rapidly disintegrating dosage forms