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chemical engineering design
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as engineering (engineering design). Production of various chemical products plant design. Products include chemical production processes, chemical manufacturing equipment and installation, raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods transportation, plant construction, the installation of various pipelines, and water, electricity and steam utility works and other supporting facilities in the design. Chemical engineering design followed in the various standards, protocols and so on. (1) foreign standards, such as international standards, the United States, Japan and other standards; (2) domestic standards, according to China's current classification, divided into national standards, industry standards, standards and standards for four types of enterprises; (3) Mandatory standards for environmental protection, to protect human health and personal and property safety so as to be enforceable standards; (4) recommended standards and is not part of mandatory standards to the standards.

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1) chemical industry;chemical engineering;chemical technology
2) chemical engineering
3) chemical engineering
4) chemical industry;chemical engineering and chemical technology
5) mica
6) mica
7) mica
8) mica
9) C.I. 77019;Muscovite potassium;Silicate mica;Mica
10) Mica;silicate, mica;abhrak;biotite;davenite p 12;fluorophlogopite;lipidolite;margarite;mica, fluorian;mica-group minerals
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