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integrated circuit;IC
Molecular formula :

nature : the use of semiconductor technology or thin, thick-film technology (or combination of these) to the active circuit components, passive components and their interconnection wiring together in the production of semiconductor or insulator substrate, structural shape closely linked into the overall circuit, known as integrated circuits. With the bulk circuits, IC greatly reduces the size, weight, use lines and the number of welding points, improved circuit performance and reliability while reducing cost and ease of production. IC civilian electronic equipment and industrial electronics, military electronic equipment has broad significance, is a measure of a country's comprehensive national strength has one of the important signs. IC produced by the process can be divided into different semiconductor integrated circuits, thin film integrated circuits, integrated circuits and thick-film hybrid circuits. The present ultra-large-scale integrated circuits has been integrated circuits (VLSI) development of the ULSI (ULSI), entered the sub-micron linewidth, has developed Gigabit integrated circuits. 256K DRAM lithography corresponding width of 2 µ m, the number of devices 5 × 105; 4MDRAM corresponding 0.8 μ m, 8 × 106; 64M DRAM corresponding 0.3 μ n, 135 × 108 .

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More Detailed Data:
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