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architectural coatings
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nature : for housing, office buildings and other structures coating of paint. According to the application objects can be generally divided into oily, synthetic resin blending paint, anti-rust paint; Interior decoration Coatings; Painting with external coatings; Coatings for special occasions. Interior decoration paint a building used by the internal plastering mud or concrete plaster the surface or mortar cement walls with paint, latex paint more. Its characteristics are safe non-toxic, odorless, construction convenient, quick-drying coating, air permeability, alkali resistance, and colorful decorative refurbished fast. External Coating Finishing a building or the external surface of cement plaster the walls with paint, latex paint are mainly external, spraying sand wall materials, multilayer coatings art and mastic so. Its characteristics are water-resistant, alkali resistance, weatherability, durability, etc.. Special occasions coating means for the building maintenance, the outside wall paint, vinyl chloride coating, crosslinking acrylic emulsion paint and solvent-based paint, there are 1980s of the 20th century after the development of the aluminum curtain wall Fluorocarbon baking varnish and polyurethane powder paint.

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