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alkaline phosphatase inhibitors
Molecular formula :

nature : Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme on the surface of the cell membrane function of a certain role in the maintenance of normal cell life activity plays an important role. Alkaline phosphatase inhibitor with the alkaline phosphatase cell surface that combines the functions of the cells changed. Alkaline phosphatase inhibitor antibody can enhance the formation of lymphatic cancer sarcoma and IMC is a disincentive to have to raise sheep red blood type hypersensitivity slow features, presumably to bring it in the treatment of cancer organism immune dysfunction and prevention of cancer metastasis, and so have certain effects.

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More Detailed Data:
1) alkaline phosphatase;ALP
2) enzyme inhibior
3) inhibitor
4) inhibitor
5) inhibitor
6) phosphatase
7) preparation
8) strong base;alkali
9) corrosion inhibitor;inhibitor
10) phosphoric acid
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