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coke chemicals product
Molecular formula :

nature : Coking Chemical mean crystal. Along with the rise of organic industrial and technological progress in coking, coking not only provide a coke, but also provides a high heat value of the coke oven gas and many important coking chemical products. Stem coking coal from the main products generally yield : Coke 70% to 80% and crude tar 2.5% to 4%, 0.7% Crude ~ 1.3%, ammonia 0.2% to 0.35%, hydrogen sulfide 0 .1% to 0.5%, pyridine ~ 0.015% 0.025%, COG ~ 300 m3 / t of coal. Coke and Coke Oven Gas for the metallurgical industry, and crude tar distillation of Crude by treatment for the organic industry, ammonia processed products for agriculture, hydrogen sulfide used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid.

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