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core-shell emulsion polymerization
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as seeds (emulsion) polymerization, a two-stage (or phase) polymerization, the nuclear-shell polymerization or composite emulsion polymerization. In order to obtain the polymer particles larger, the polymerization, may join as a seed emulsion, in the polymerization process, the monomer may join the seeds to continue polymerization, rather than formation of new particles, the particles can be larger polymers, such as polymerization seed polymerization. Firstly, through conventional (typically intermittent) emulsion polymerization or seed emulsion polymerization, and then in the presence of latex seeds for another monomer or a mixture of monomer polymerization. Newly developed a polymerization method. Mainly used for synthesis of various components with different characteristics and different forms of composite polymer latex.

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